Service & Repairs


Garage Door Service
Door not working?  We replace springs, cables and rollers.

Wear and tear on your garage door is inevitable. Our experienced garage door specialists are schooled in the art of problem solving. They can handle spring, cable and roller replacements on all brands. And when it comes to the more complex issues, they will find a solution, no matter what.


Garage Door Opener Service
Opener not working? We can replace and adjust gears.

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting your opener button and nothing happens – especially in the middle of winter. We won’t leave you out in the cold. Our specialists can pinpoint the problem, get it fixed or replaced without you missing a beat.


Garage Door Tune-up
Comprehensive garage door inspection and adjustments.

Our highly-skilled maintenance team will diligently perform a thorough 16-point tune-up service on all brands. It includes service on:

* Garage Door Opener
* Safety Eye Beams
* Doors
* Springs
* Cables
* Safety Cables
* Rollers
* Drums
* Center Bearing/Plates
* Pulleys
* Forks
* Shafts
* Hinges
* Tracks
* Safety Reverse/Limits